Monday, May 09, 2005

Oslo Girl

Oslo Girl -- wow! When we Americans visit a foreign country, we're stylin' if we learn to ask for bread at the bakery and tickets at the train station, (ask me sometime about 'Je voudrais un billet.' and 'Wo ist die Kaserne?') . This American girl -- this Norwegian-American girl! -- has been living life All-the-way-Norway for years. Here in the land der-unbegrenzten-Möglichkeiten, 8 years after leaving Europe, I make lefse at Xmas and drive around with a Norge bumper sticker... and wonder if I'll ever cut the ties to my homeland again.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Erik the Red said...

There's not a public school in this state that teaches a Scandinavian language. But if you can get through German, you can nail Norwegian. Mix some German and English together and you'll usually know what a Norwegian sentence means.

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Sven the Erikmorder said...

A quarter of all Americans -- and probably half of folks in the NW -- can trace roots to Norway. Just go be an uninvited guest of whatever relatives you've surely got in Oslo or Bergen or Actic-Circle-Bumfuckkity-Nowhere. :)


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