Sunday, February 05, 2006

The 3 Fake Cartoons

First! This uses Wikipedia as a source, and Wikipedia can be altered by anybody. So it's not reliable for controversial issues. And is this ever controversial! To the left are 3 cartoons that have been shown throughout the Mid-East along with 9 other cartoons. A Muslim religious organisation in Denmark, Islamisk Trossamfund brought attention to the cartoons during a tour of the Middle-East, and has allegedly represented that Muslims in Denmark have been exposed to much more overtly offensive images.
But it appears that these three cartoons never were published and may have been commissioned by Islamisk Trossamfund and included to inflame Muslim opinion against Denmark and the west. The first depicts a dog humping a Muslim at worship, the second depicts Mohammed as a paedophile demon and the third depicts him as a pig. All three images are reprehensible -- especially if they are being used to incite violence.


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous eric said...

Thanks for telling me about this post. I'd been wondering what the cartoons that caused all the rioting looked like. Why on earth don't they show them on television?

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Astor Column said...

Yeah... I get all my news from The Daily A and The O. So I know nothing about nothing. I might as well be watching TV.


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