Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Relationship advice...

Rule #1: Don't give it. Just don't. Friend wants to start long-distance relationship while he's in the middle of eating a 7-Course-Dinner-O-Stress: job hunting, ending an old relationship, jonesing for his daily workout which he can't do because he's reaggravated a case of tendonitis, trying to juggle a couple of fibs he's already told this girl about his employment status... So he asks me, "What..." Well, you know what he asks me.

And I didn't say anything. Ok, ok... I babbled. But I put it all in terms of, "This isn't advice, I'm just tightly wound and would be so stressed out by being unemployed that I couldn't make a long distance relationship work so I wouldn't dream of starting a relationship with a girl I cared about until I had cleared my plate of stressors. But this isn't advice, so don't listen."

I guess I screwed up. Oh well. When he goes to bed with her and a week later they aren't talking, he'll be pissed at me. So what? He's a guy. He'll get over it.

New Rule #1: Don't give relationship advice to your female friends.


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