Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WWARD? Wave the Red Banner high!

The SOTU was sooooo good! The president made many promises that he's already backtracking on. His aides have already clarifed that "America is addicted to oil" and his brave call for cutting imports from there 75 percent by 2025, wasn't meant to be taken as a literal truth but rather as an 'emotional truth', a la James Fray. The emotional truth, what the president really meant, they said was that alternative fuels could displace an amount of oil imports equivalent to most of what America is expected to import from the Middle East in 2025.

As for the rest of what he said -- well, the president promised a few years back to double the Americorps budget and that got cut in half 6 months later. He promised to take us to Mars last year! Yup. And everysingleblessedoneofus is going to get a pony, too!

For coverage of this year's SOTU, go to Atlas Shrugged and listen to what America's Self-Promoting Randian Superfungrrrrl has to say! From her blog (the part about Cindy Sheehan, BTW, is in 36 pnt RED, italics are my comments):

State of the Union Rocks the World
Liveblogging SOTU:

Before the SOTU kicks off, Cindy Sheehan is removed frm chambers in handcuffs attempting to unfurl a ginormous banner. WHAT A MAROON!

Randian Superfungrrrrls are soldiers, wielding sharp pens instead of swords!

Pages and pages and pages of praise for the president. Then her comments section. Kudos to Pamela, unlike most other right wingers, she has a comments section and doesn't edit out everything she disagrees with in it:

I read your post Pamela. And now that we know it's false you should stop using the item of Sheehan and her nonexistent banner as a headline. In red no less. I understand what live blogging is. I also understand what telling the truth means.
Posted by: ArthurStone | Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 04:55 PM

I vote that you keep the reference to the banner in red with the adjacent update. It’s worth it to annoy Arthur.
Posted by: MarcH | Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 07:21 PM

I put my two cents in to agree with MarcH... but for different reasons.

I also vote that Pamela shouldn't bother to correct her red banner. Fly the red banner high, Pamster! Nobody expects you to be correct about anything anyway.
"Charges against antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan, who was arrested after an incident involving a T-shirt she wore to the State of the Union address, will be dropped, officials told NBC News Wednesday.

"We screwed up," a top Capitol Police official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. He said Sheehan didn't violate any rules or laws. Sheehan, whose son Casey died in Iraq, was not the only one ejected from the House gallery. The wife of a powerful Republican congressman was also asked to leave, but she was not arrested. Beverly Young, wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young of Florida -- chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee -- was removed from the gallery because she was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Support the Troops -- Defending Our Freedom."

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I can't type any more. I'm losing control of my bowels laughing. Muhahahahahha!

WWARD? What Would Ayn Rand Do? Never admit she was wrong and certainly never go back and correct her mistakes! Onward, wave the Red Banner High! In the finest tradition of Rand, Plato's Republic and Stalin, muzzle and imprison those who disagree with us!


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